Layer Upon Layer

Artist Statement

I work in batik and collage, reinterpreting ancient primary shapes – variations of circles, squares, and rectangles that occasionally incorporate calligraphic forms.   These pictures are made with hand painted and dyed mulberry paper, hot wax, crayons, glue, silk and materials from nature.

I experiment with many layers exploring whatever it is that each day brings, whether it be a range of emotions, events or dreams, the blossoming of new ideas (or ideas I think are new), or the turning of the seasons and nature’s full engagement of the senses.  Some layers are composed of nothing but the sheer joy of interacting with the materials.

When combining batik and collage, much can be hidden or revealed in the interplay of opaque and transparent elements.

The artist and teacher Robert Henri states in his book The Art Spirit (1923): “The brush stroke at the moment of contact carries inevitably the exact state of being of the artist at that exact moment in the work”

Layer Upon Layer | 2012 | Exhibits