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Fall, 2014

Making baskets has come out of a need to bring organization into my sometimes chaotic life. I want storage that is jolly, colorful, and not too hard to build. The paper, silk, and yarns (often “tailings” or leftovers, precious scraps from collages) used are all hand painted, dyed, or embellished in some way. Cooked organic cornstarch and water make the glue used to hold them together and they are shaped and dried on a form.

Summer, 2014

statement for summer exhibit, ocean…

My grandchild is coming, a creature from the deep. A mostly silent world, language of water. She brings a shell to her ear. Small fish dart ahead. Slow dance and reach to the warm walls of her sea cave. A child from the deep who will soon see the light of day.

August 13, 2011

What would happen if I actually set out to do a painting or two or ten that I know I could paint, that I know would be fine, instead of this constant putting off, going around the picture I want to do? Side stepping with experimentation.  Experimenting is my creative procrastination only it’s not creative anymore, it’s simply evasion.

September 1, 2006

At the end of a small stretch of time camping out on North Twinnic…

Why is it always surprising to me that I can’t tell if I like a picture or what I feel about a picture when I’ve just finished it?  Is it that the picture hasn’t settled?  or me?  Today feels like a gift.  Perhaps it takes two days of thrashing to get something of this peace.  The last two days have been hard, but I’ve been doing a lot of looking all along.  It’s so still today. So far, other than that little zephyr when I first started.  I have more courage today, the day of departure.


A word about resist… This technique describes the application on paper or fabric of a substance (hot wax, water-based resist, or gutta are examples) that literally resists (blocks out) the paint or dye in a given specific area.


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